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Activa Air - Air Cushion Machines

Solid machines without rental rate or purchase obligation of the rolls.

The ActivaAir is a new brand with very compact air cushion machines for smaller packers.

Currently available in 3 modells.

  • activaAir BP2000 Light
  • activaAir BP4000 Basic
  • activaAir BP5000 Power

These are low-priced cushion machines.
The ActivaAir is extremely small, functional and flexible.
The Light BP2000 has a speed up to 3 to 5 meters per minute.
The speed of the Basic BP4000 is adjustable from 8 to 15 meters per minute.

Topmodel is the BP5000. Speed 20 up to 27 meters per minute,

HDPE film, 700 meters per roll. Dimensions of air cushions 100 x 200 mm.


The benefits of ActivaAir Air cushion machine:

  •      Cost-effective production of environmentally friendly and recyclable air cushions.
  •      Automatic recognition by inventory level sensor (optional)
  •      Pre-perforated for easy separation
  •      Positive business image thanks to professional packaging results
  •      Machine works very quiet and fast
  •      Simple and very clear operation
  •      Lightweight and compact design
  •      Modern design

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