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PackMate Online -  With Multi User Mode

The Pack Mate Online system from Easy Pack combines the very best of 20 years of product development, with the market requirement for a compact, online, paper cushioning system. The mobile mounting frame makes it effortless to Incorporate it into almost any bestaande conveyor system!

One of the exclusive features of this brand new system is the multiple user mode MUM, 'which enable signals the operator (s) to switch between speeds to ensure That it is always working at the optimum pace for one or more operators.

We deliver, install and maintain this machine for free. You'll use this machine on a loan base , no investment. All this to a sufficient purchase of the paper material. Make an appointment for a free demonstration in our showroom or request a quote.

The benefits of the PackMate Online

  •      Compact and flexible paper filling system;
  •      Produces flexible 100 mm wide paper cushions with high volume;
  •      High capacity up to 80 m / min!
  •      2 preset speeds;
  •      Choice for semi-automatic or pedal control;
  •      Loading paper within 30 seconds;
  •      Due to the height adjustment and the turning capability, this machine is very easy to apply above an existing roller track.

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