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New! ActivaPaper void-fill cushion machines

Creating environmentally friendly void fill  or paper cushions for in a shipping box. Quickly and low cost.

PA2000 Light

Paper is very suitable for environmentally friendly protecting sensitive goods in a shipping box.
Easily and quickly create your own paper void-fill with the ActivaPaper PA2000 LIGHT machine.

This entry-level model is simply available on a purchase basis. No monthly rent or compulsory purchase of the paper. This makes this machine profitable and affordable, even with less use. The operation is very simple but effective. You activate the machine with the foot control, so you always have your both hands free for packing.

Thanks to the swivel wheels, the PA2000 is easy to move and can therefore be used anywhere. The height is adjustable and the dispenser can be tilted. This way it can be used optimally at the packing table.

It simply works on 220V and produces 85 meters of void-fill material per minute.

The 70 gsm paper for this machine is perforated for easy tearing.
The void-fill paper is of course made from 100% recycled material and is unbleached brown. This is delivered in a box.


PA5000 Power

Easily create your own paper cushion material with the AvtivaPaper PA5000 POWER. With paper cushions you can also safely ship heavier and possibly greasy parts. Think of machine parts, pottery, glassware, etc. Paper cusions are easy to form and work very pleasantly when packing.

This PA5000 POWER machine has a simple, clear menu and scores in its uncomplicated application. The solid frame is mobile. In addition, the machine can be tilted so that an ideal positioning in the packaging line is quickly found.

Individual or a certain amount of cushions can be produced as desired on demand. You select a program using the touch control on the clear display. The length of the paper cushions to be produced is variably adjustable.

Works at a speed of up to 30 meters per minute. Can simply be connected to a 220V socket.

The paper for this machine is supplied on a roll and is made from 100% recycled material.

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