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Printed packing tape

Customise parcels with your own brand

Printed tape is an inexpensive and simple way to personalize your packaging with your corporate identity and make extra advertising for your company. It gives your shipment a very professional look.
This branded tape is usually printed with a so-called cliché / printing form for block printing or flexo. Only when you place an order for the first time will this cliché be charged. Unchanged follow-up orders are therefore cheaper because the cliché has already been created.

One cliché or printing form is always required per color. Full color (4-colour CMYK) is certainly possible, but usually 1 or 2 PMS colors are used.

PP-acrylic or PVC packaging tape is used as standard for printing, but paper tape (paper tape) is also possible.
The standard size is 50mm wide and 66m long.

How should I submit my print files?

Please follow this specifications for a smooth processing of your order.

PMS (Pantone) colors or black (1-3 colors)PMS colors or black (1 to 3 colors)
You have to provide us with a PDF, EPS or Illustrator file. This is a vector file composed of PMS colors, so no photo / pixel file. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System (a color chart) and is similar to RAL, but for the printing industry.

What is an EPS file? click here...

Ask your corporate identity designer or printing company for such a color separated EPS or PDF file. Creating a color-separated file yourself is only possible with the right graphic software (Adobe Illustrator or Indesign) and knowledge. If you can only submit a JPG file (photo / pixel file), studio costs will most likely be charged. We can off course realize a completely new design for you.

Note: Preferably, you convert any texts into contours. If this does not work, please include the complete font folder (font) with your design. Working with Adobe Indesign? If possible, make a package / folder complete with design and fonts.

Full color (CMYK) = 4 colors
In this case you can provide a photo / pixel file. For full color printing, your file should preferably have a resolution of at least 300DPI in the final format.
Note: Full color printing is only possible with larger orders.

You can send files by e-mail or by WeTransfer (large files). You will receive a digital test prior before actual production. Only after your approval, the actual production will start.

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