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Machine stretch film Standard 150%

Machine film is indispensable in a concern with an in-house pallet wrapper.

This is a standard article that Hoogstraten always has in stock. There are a number of different qualities – standard machine rolls are 15-30 microns thick and are always 50cm wide. The trend in recent years is no longer for a standard stretch percentage of 150%, but often 250% or even 300%.

This type of power-stretch should only be used on a suitable machine and when the film can be optimally stretched. Power-stretch is naturally more expensive than the standard quality. That is why when power-stretch is mounted on a standard stretch-machine, it is never pre-stretched properly. In this situation, one is using material that is far too expensive.

Machine rolls can also be supplied in various qualities: one-sided, in colour, anti-static, UV-stable and even printed if required. The drum used is generally drum 76.


Coloured machine film

For blinding or marking pallets one can use coloured (or black or white) machine stretch film. Hoogstraten can produce multiple variations en thickness for all pallet wrap machines. Even printed machine film is possible.


As a manufacturer of machine stretch film rolls, D.J. Hoogstraten BV can guarantee the quality. Any deviating specifications are possible with sufficient purchase. In addition to the neutral branding, Hoogstraten produces roll-off machine stretch film under various brand names, including Fixstretch.

In the table below you will find a selection of the standard offer in standard machine stretch film which is usually available from stock. Contact us for more information about availability, prices and conditions. Are you a wholesaler in stretch film? Then we would like to make a personal appointment with you for a long-term relationship with special purchase prices and delivery conditions.

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