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Strapping Tape

What is strapping tape?

Strapping tape is a thick PP tape (66 microns) with a Hotmelt adhesive.

This is a very strong tape that can endure the exertion of a lot of force on it. The tape is used widely to bundle products, or as strapping round a pallet e.g. for internal transport. The tape adheres very well, but leaves no glue residue and causes no damage. The tape is available in various colours, but orange is the most popular in widths of 12 and 15mm, with 66 metres on the roll. Other sizes on request.



Tear drop dispenser

The tear drop dispenser is a closed loop for tape in the form of a loop / tear drop shaped housing. This form is very useful when bundling long products with, for example, strapping tape. Off course you can also use it for closing cardboard boxes. This metal, lightweighted dispenser applies the tape by means of a rubber roller. This dispenser works really fast. Because it's completely closed, it protects your tape from dirt and dust.

The knotted blade is securely mounted in the dispenser and, therefore, protects your fingers while cutting the tape. Brakes are done with the handle of the roller. In our range we have dispensers in widths 15, 19, 25, 38 and 50 mm.


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