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Hand wrap - Manual stretch film

From stock or custom made?

Hand wrap stretch film is supplied to a number of standard specifications. Standard width is 50cm.

Usually, this product is supplied with the following specifications: 17 microns, 20 microns, or 23 microns in 200 – 300 metre lengths. The standard width is 50cm, but you often see lengths being requested of 30 and 45cm. We can in fact produce any thickness and size, as long as a sufficient quantity will be purchased where a non-standard product is concerned.

This is a very important product group for Hoogstraten, and we have made it a point to supply products of a superior quality. The supply of coloured manual rolls gives the film an extra dimension, because it enables the client to clearly indicate where various groups of articles are at a particular location, increasing working efficiency and limiting mistakes.

For some product groups, for instance foodstuffs, it is also important that certain colours are adhered to in order to comply with HACCP norms for production and storage. No less important is that coloured film can reduce theft, which is of course good for preventing losses in an organization. Additionally, coloured film can present even more creative and efficient solutions for your client.

Hand rolls

Manual rolls are definitely a solution for companies who do not wish to or who cannot invest in a pallet wrapper. They are cost-effective and rolls in stock can be perfectly matched against use. We can also supply manual rolls in a pre-strained quality. This type of film is much thinner than conventional film, but is already stretched.

The advantage of this product is that it can be processed without too much work. Often these rolls are longer than the standard ones, reaching lengths of 500-600 metres, while the weight remains the same.


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