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PP acrylic packaging tapes (water based)


PP Acrylic is our best seller due to its good price/quality. We have PP Acrylic tape as standard in 2 thicknesses, i.e. 28 and 35 microns. This tape is available in both a noise and low-noise version. The 35 micron version has extra adhesive power and is stronger. This makes it a good alternative for Solvent low-noise adhesives.

Further on we can supply this tape, besides the standard transparant and brown, in many different colors.


The properties of PP Acrylic tapes are:

  • A clear colour
  • Low unwinding noise (low noise), suitable for frequent use
  • UV-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for long term storage
  • Can be used at low temperatures
  • Many colors available


We sell neutral packed tape as a standard. But we can supply some populair brands from stock as wel (just ask).

As a service we can print or label the cartons with your own brand or companyname. Delivery at your end-customer can be done directly from our warehouse neutraly if you wish.

709990000_PP tape 48-150 tr+br.jpg

150m on 1 roll! High Tack PP tape

Finally, a new product in the market, saving time, packaging waste and costs! Available in brown and transparent. High Tack PP acrylic tape has a small core, which means that it contains more tape in comparison to standard rolls.

As with standard tapes (48mm / 66mtr.), 36 rolls are in a box. The advantage is that the High Tack tape contains 127% (3024 meters) more tape, that corresponds to 81 rolls of standard tape.

150 meters of tape on a roll not only increases the productivity of the packaging activities within your company, but you also have less waste because you last longer with a roll.

Ask for the High Tack PP acrylic tape and let yourself be verified by the price comparison with a standard tape. Cost savings can be seen immediately! Order with this tape a Twincore dispenser because of the smaller core.

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