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Maskingtape - Washi tape


Maskingtape Creme

Most people are familiar with masking tape: the painters’ tape, which is used while painting to mask anything you can imagine. We supply this tape in 2 qualities.

Our professional masking tapes can be used up to 80°C, and is 110 microns thick and leaves no glue residue. As standard, we stock this tape in rolls of 19, 25 and 50mm x 50m.

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Colored Maskingtape - Washi tape

Gold: High quality masking tape for extremely sharp edges. Good adhesion to metal, glass, plastics and rubber. Solvent resistant. UV resistant.

Blue: For indoor and outdoor applications. UV resistant and easily removable, leaves no glue residue up to 14 days after attachment. Good adhesion and UV resistant.

Purple: Low tack masking tape. Suitable for dry walls, wallpaper, fresh paint layers and other delicate surfaces.


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