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HS 151 Balepress

The HS 151 vertical balepress for larger cardboard boxes is designed for customers with limited amounts of waste but larger sizes of materials to be processed. The 1 meter large input opening is suitable for the import of large materials. The bale is mechanically rolled out on a pallet allowing the user to easily handle the bale.

HS 151 with Lift Up Door (LUD) ensures minimal space usage and has an automatic door that opens after each process. The machine is equipped with fixed clamping hooks that hold the material in the room after each pressing process.

Characteristics of the balpress HS 151

  •      Large entry opening for bulk materials, eg cardboard and plastics
  •      Mechanical bale rolling
  •      230V, easy to install
  •      4 cord binding system
  •      Easy operation
  •      Produces cardboard bales up to 150 kg
  •      Maximum volume per day 800 kg
  •      2 year warranty

Heavier versions are available on request.

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