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PackMaster - High quality paper cushions

The Packmaster system is the ultimate paper void fill cushion system. Using 100% recycled double-layered paper, lightweight but very strong paper, create easy kneading and strong enough to protect even the toughest industrial objects.

The Packmaster system can be put into operation according to your requirements. It can be delivered in a horizontal or vertical version or with our engineers you can customize a mounting frame to integrate the system into your current packaging configuration.

For this system, various expansion capabilities are available, such as baskets, conveyor systems, and other logistics solutions.

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The benefits of the PackMaster paper cushion machine

  •      Easy to interfere within existing workplaces.
  •      Very robust paper filling system.
  •      Various settings possible.
  •      Produces flexible 200 mm width paper cushions
  •      Cushion volume to 80% higher than the original volume.
  •      Suitable for double-layer, 100% recycled paper.
  •      Digital control panel: Specify length and quantity.
  •      Choice of automatic, semi-automatic or pedal control.

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