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Shipping bags - webshop bags CoEx LDPE

These strong shipping bags are made of very strong and opaque CoEx-LDPE film, so that the content of the envelope bag is not visible during a shipment. Moreover, these shipping bags or webshop bags are moisture-resistant, weight- and space-saving compared to, for example, cardboard boxes. Because clothing generally does not require buffering, the packaging is never larger than necessary in this way.

Also the shipping costs remain within the limits because there is hardly any extra weight added to the shipment by the packaging. The transport space is optimally used, there is hardly any "air" between the shipments. Thus, more shipments can be transported compared to box shipments.

These bags are provided with a permanent adhesive closure. To open the shipping bag, it must be damaged by tearing or cutting. This benefits the security against theft during the shipping process. When choosing the double adhesive strip, one can choose to use one strip for the forwarding and the other adhesive strip for a possible return shipment.

Applicable for shipping, among other things, clothing, textiles, and other goods that are not fragile. From stock we can deliver different sizes of bags of foil. Deviating sizes are possible on request.

The color is neutral white. It is of course possible to provide the shipping bags with their own company imprint. Please contact our sales for more information, we will be happy to inform you.

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