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Air cushion film - Bubble wrap on rolls

Air cushion film is also known as air bubble film, bubble plastic or bubble wrap.

The film is made from a 2-layer LDPE (co-ex) film. There are bubble caps or bubbles in the film which are filled with air.

The film is usually manufactured transparent although the air cushion film is now also available in green. The film is available with large or small bubble caps.

It is a flexible but also fairly strong material. Because of the buffer created by the bubble caps, the film is very suitable for protecting fragile products. The film is delivered on a roll.

Various qualities can be supplied, each with their own unique characteristics and purpose.

Below is an overview of the most common air cushion films:

• Standard air cushion film/S2 First: a very good quality co-ex air cushion film with the standard small bubble cap

• Anti-static bubble cap film: made for static-sensitive electronic products such as computer parts. To prevent static discharges.

• Kraft Paper air cushion film: For dicreet protection, extra strong, Paper absorbs moisture and conceals product

• Self-adhesive bubble cap film: this ensures safer packaging of your goods.

• Recycled bubble cap film/Renew:
o produced from a minimum of 40% recycled material
o Good for the environment
o Biodegradable bubble cap film: the most environmentally conscious option.

• Alu air cushion film: metallised air cushion film. This provides very good protection against temperature changes. Is especially useful for temperature-sensitive products.

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