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Essential tools for strapping

For the various types of strapping  which Hoogstraten provides, we have all kinds of  suitable tools and equipment available, often in several price ranges.

Make your choice based on desired speed, intensity and budget, there are numerous options. We will help you in making the right choice.

Hoogstraten is Europe's leading supplier when it comes to equipment strapping in packaging industrie. For over many years we supply high quality products for wholesale market. If you are an European reseller for strapping equipment you can ask for a quote at

These models are supplied from our own warehouse stock. Ask for more information about other models, prices and delivery conditions.

strapping tensioner

AVT  tensioner

Universal tensioner receivers for PE and PP strapping. You can tighten the belt in a single operation and immediately cut off. In combination with metal or plastic buckles. 431390003

tensioner, extendedAVT  tensioner

Extended version for tensioning PE or PP strapping. Even on rounded objects or pallets. Use in combination with metal or plastic buckles. 431390011

OR4000 tensioner


Hand tensioner for PP and PET strap 13/0,7mm. Tensioning, sealing and cutting in one movement. Use in conjunction with KO buckets. 431390001



Sturdy and durable device for manual tightening, sealing and cutting of PP strapping 13 or 16mm. To be used in combination with metal buckets. 431390004/431390005




Strap sealer


For use with serrated seals /buckles for PP strapping. Available in different versions (Regular / Heavy duty) and buckle sizes 13 or 16mm.



zapak zp96, tensioner

Zapak ZP97 / ZP93

For automatic tensioning, welding and cutting of PP and PET strapping 16-19mm. The ZP97 model can be used for thinner strapping as well.High quality. With 18v Bosch LI-ON battery + loader. 434340001



Strapping Machine 2.0

Semi-automatic strapping machine for PP strapping packages. Very solid, fast and easy to use. Height-adjustable and fitted with wheels. Surprisingly low priced...

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