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Perforated film and wrapping net

Hoogstraten's perforated film is an excellent product for agriculture and horticulture, but also for industrial applications in which once again the product to be packaged takes centre stage – namely, that it is protected as much as possible against the elements during transport, storage and transfer.

Powerstretch and Pre-stretch

Besides the standard qualities, which are superb, perforated film is also obtainable as pre-stretch film and power-stretch film with a maximum breaking strain of 300%. Again, this is dependent on the machine used for processing. Additionally, different perforation sizes can be supplied together with the various qualities. In short, every load calls for its own specific packaging solution. Perforated film can be supplied in both manual and machine rolls.

Top Quality

Our latest development is the "Top Quality" film which is only 10 microns thick. However, the material used is extra strong.


Wrapping net

Wrapping net or netting stretch wrap is for products that need to cool off or degas after production.

Wrapping net allows you to safely get products that are not yet fully acclimatized ready for transport ahead of schedule. Wrapping net, or nylon film, is already pre-stretched and is naturally very strong, making it perfectly suited for use with heavy industrial products. Basically, it is colourless, but on the roll it has a whitish hue.

Wrapping net is available in both machine rolls and manual rolls. Normal or fine woven.


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