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PP strap

PP (polypropylene) strapping is the most common type for securing shipping units. Even though PP strap is the cheapest strapping material, it does not damage the environment. PP strapping is made with no added heavy metals, so burning or sealing PP strap does not damage your health.

The most common widths are 5mm, 9mm, 12mm and 16mm with a core diameter of 200mm, 280mm or 406mm. The breaking strain is defined by the width and thickness of the strap. To achieve extra tension, we have an AVT tensioner in our product range, with which you can achieve maximum breaking strain from your strap.

You can fasten the PP strap using buckles, seals or welds, and this can be done either semi or fully automatically. For the use of seals, we have the Twin Turbo tongs and the Orga tongs. These two types close the seals and cut the PP strap off. The standard sealer is available for just closing the seals.

For small use and for starting businesses, we have compiled a starter’s packet that includes a dispensing box with 1,000 metres of PP strap and 1,000 plastic buckles.

PP strap applications include:

• Small boxes
• Books
• In dispatch departments and warehouses

The advantages and disadvantages of PP strapping are:

• Versatile to use: with buckles, seals, vibro-tensioner, semi or fully automatic.
• Inexpensive to use: lowest price per metre of all strapping.
• Low UV resistance.
• Low creep resistance.
• Usable at temperatures from -18°C to 50°C.
• Can be printed.

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