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Packaging tape PVC Solvent

This tape is by far the most expensive, but is sold a lot. This is mainly because it can be torn off manually and it sees a lot of use in the moving sector. One of PVC Solvent tape's good qualities is that it unwinds smoothly and noiselessly. Standard thickness of the tape is 32/33 microns and it has good adhesion.

Because the tape can be stretched lengthwise, it is very suitable for boxes with high flap tension. As an additional fact, the 9mm rolls of coloured tape often used in the fresh produce departments of supermarkets are also nearly always PVC tape.

We supply neutral packed tape as a standard. But we can supply some populair brands from stock as well (just ask).

As a service we can print or label the cartons with your own brand or companyname. Delivery at your end-customer can be done directly from our warehouse neutraly.

The tape has the following properties:

  • Low noise
  • Manually tearable
  • Easily printable
  • Environmentally unfriendly



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