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Stretchband - Film band for pallets 

This transparent stretch band or pallet band is a new  product in our wholesale assortment. Manufactured from a 40 microns, extra strong LDPE film. Packed on a roll in a practical dispenser box..

One can use it for quick stabilising products on pallets or transport cart like kartons, barrels, drums, buckets en crates. Use for intern transport without wrapping or strapping the whole pallet.

Pull out one band, open it, stretch it a bit, and wrap around the products on the top layer of your pallet.

We can deliver the stretch band in 2 sizes: Euro- and block pallets and half-pallet.

113410111_stretchband.jpg 113410111_elastic-stretchband.jpg

The benefits of stretch band

  • Securing stacks of boxes, crates and barrels
  • Ideal for stabilizing pallets
  • 100% recyclable PE film
  • Transparent
  • Neutral packaging
  • Perforated on roll
  • 100/200 pieces per box
  • Delivery from stock

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