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Machine film Powerstretch 250/300%

The trend in recent years is no longer for a standard stretch percentage of 150%, but often 250% or even 300%. This type of power-stretch should only be used on a suitable machine and when the film can be optimally stretched.


You will save a lot of foil, labor hours and costs with powerstretch machine foil. Your pallet wrapping machine is quickly recouped!



 Power-stretch is naturally more expensive than the standard quality. That is why when power-stretch is mounted on a standard stretch-machine, it is never pre-stretched properly. In this situation, one is using material that is far too expensive. Machine rolls can also be supplied in various qualities: one-sided, in colour, anti-static, UV-stable and even printed if required. The drum used is generally drum 76.

Machine rolls stretch film can be produced in several qualities: One side cling, extra slippery, ani-static, UV-stabil, printed, etc. The carton core we use is normaly 76 mm.

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