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PE - Plastic bags

PE bags are often used as secondary packaging for protecting the product.

PE bags are suitable for e.g. packaging, storing and sorting small parts, electronics, products that belong together, foodstuffs, clothing, and as a lining. The ideal solution for these products is a strip bag.

Larger PE bags can be used as lining for, among other things, tailor-made boxes, crates and drums. The bags are 100% recyclable and can also be re-used. PE is divided into two groups, namely Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) and High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE).


The main properties of LDPE bags are that the material is soft, tough, and water repellent but also feels sturdy. The bags can be supplied in all sorts of different sizes, types, and thicknesses, as well as printed and non-printed. The ordinary domestic bin bag is an example of an LPDE bag.

The main properties of HDPE bags are their stiffness and a duller colour. Crumpling the bag produces a crackling sound. The bags are often thin and are likely to tear more easily. Pedal bin bags and lunch bags are examples of HDPE bags.

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