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Tape dispensers - Equipment for sealing boxes


Tape dispenser R30 DE LUXE

Very strong and easy-to-use handheld tape dispenser for intensive use. The R30 deluxe is fitted with a rubber roll and a hardened knife. This is qualitatively the best handheld tape equipment in the assortment. 611090002R



Tape dispenser H75

Rugged handheld dispenser for the extra wide 75 mm tape.
Equipped with rubber roll and a hardened knife. 613120001


Tape dispenser BASIC

Fine low budget handheld dispenser for tape. The metal side provides extra firmness. Very light weight and fitted with brake. The most widely used dispenser in Europe, mainly due to its low price. Still a good product for the average packer. 613120001



613113004-_twincore-tape-dispenser(10).jpgTwin core - 2 core

Especially for the 150m tape we have the Twincore dispencer. This sound-reducing dispenser has 2 cores (50/76mm), making it suitable for many types of tape. You can easily convert the cores and it suits the type of tape you are using. 613110004

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