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Stretch Film dispensers

Equipment for wrapping film

There are various types of equipment available to facilitate the use of the various types of stretch film. Which is most suitable depends on the sort of stretch film and the application. 

We supply a large assortment of film dispensers:

• Plastic caps (black or white)
• Fixtool with single or double bearings
• 2-part plastic dispenser
• "Handy wrap" dispensers for Mini-stretch film
• Easyfix for coreless



Fixtools® is a brand specially designed by Hoogstraten. We guarantee that this brand of manual wrap film dispensers is an excellent choice and a quality product. Pallets are wrapped fast and ergonomically. The metal version is strong and the double bearing (top and underside) ensures constant, even tension. Moreover, dispenser height is easily adjustable.

Ministretch dispensers

For unwinding our mini stretch film rolls (core 38mm) we supply a handy bundle film dispenser / handy-wrap. As a standard in the color blue and with the "Fixtools" brand mark. On request we can supply several different colors, printed or molded with your own company logo.

621720000_bundelfoliedispensers-kleuren(3).jpg 621720000LB_bundelfoliedispenser-Fixtools-Lichtblauw-detail.jpg


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